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The Landgrid Property App

Looking up properties on the go & surveying them has never been easier!

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Put parcels in your pocket with the Landgrid mobile app from Loveland Technologies.

The Landgrid app is ready and waiting whenever property curiosity strikes. Just open the app and see more about the property you’re looking at right now, including property lines, boundaries, address, ownership, and more. Then bookmark, take pictures, and make notes on the properties you want to return to with a Pro account.

Like you use Shazam to find out what song is playing, or you use Yelp to find a place to eat, use the Landgrid App to learn about and remember that interesting property you’re looking at in the moment, when it matters most, before you forget.

Free nationwide parcel lookup

Look up data on more than 149 million properties nationwide, including ownership & address information on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are interested in a particular property, looking to buy land soon, collecting data on a whole neighborhood or city, we’ve got you covered.

Upgrade to Landgrid Pro to access premium fields, bookmark properties, run surveys, and access all our web features

New Pro features are available now on iOS and coming soon to Android.

Premium data and layers in-app

With Pro, you'll have access to our premium fields like vacancy data and building counts. Plus, activate building footprint outlines and elevation contours on the map.

Bookmark parcels

Quickly make a note, take a photo, or just highlight a property with our updated Bookmarks feature. They’re designed to be an easy, informal way to note properties that you can return to later. Access our web-based tools, included with Pro, to export your bookmarks as a spreadsheet or collect more data about them.

Survey Properties

Gone are the days of surveying with questionnaires & notepads. The Landgrid is the ideal tool for collecting data in the field.

With the Landgrid app, you can survey properties in a matter of seconds. All the data gets directly fed into your Landgrid account, making it easy for survey managers to manage. With our web tools, you can set up custom survey questions, style the data, and export it as needed.

Working with a group? Our Team and Enterprise subscriptions scale from two-person projects to large-scale data collection initiatives.

Plus all our web-only features

Use Landgrid Pro both in the app & on the web to access the right tools when you need them. Landgrid Pro comes jam packed with web-only features including custom filtering and searching, a survey editor, spreadsheet exports, and more. The Landgrid app is a seamless extension of the site: custom surveys and styles are usable from the app.

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Who uses the Landgrid app?

Landgrid has been used as the tool for large surveying efforts across the country, such as a citywide survey of buildings in Hartford, reaching out to households at risk of foreclosure in Detroit, and gathering resident feedback about proposed development in Dallas.

Whether you're looking to gather information about the built environment, engage residents, or somewhere in between, the Landgrid app is easy to use and an efficient tool to help you get where you want to go

Finally, a little backstory to the Landgrid App:

The Landgrid App was originally designed to make organized property surveys and field data collection.

Now the Landgrid App has been made even more accessible with easy notes and bookmarking features that don’t require elaborate survey and questionnaire planning and setup. You can still use it for really big or really finely tuned survey projects, but you can also use it to flexibly check facts and make notes in the moment.

The deeper functions and Landgrid.com integrations are there when you need them, but the primary experience is now push button, learn something, note something, save something. Easy peasy.

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